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Violations of Federal Aviation Administration Safety Regulations

The government agency responsible for airline safety regulations is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA oversees regulations on both commercial passenger and cargo flights, which are intended to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew onboard as well as people on the ground. Massachusetts travelers should be aware that the FAA does everything possible to avoid aviation accidents. However, some commercial airlines circumvent safety regulations in order to maintain their profitability. Airlines that operate aircrafts with expired licenses, transport hazardous materials without using proper precautions, have shoddy record keeping, inadequately maintain their equipment or fail to follow in-flight regulations are all in violation of FAA safety standards.

There are two categories of violations of FAA regulations, namely routine violations and exceptional violations. Routine violations involve conscious and deliberate behavior that departs from the recognized FAA safety standards. Routine violations are usually considered “bending the rules” and are often tolerated by airline management. By contrast, exceptional violations are isolated incidents which do not represent typical behavior and are not sanctioned by management. Exceptional violations are considered exceptional because they are not typical behaviors, not because they are necessarily more severe than routine violations. Both routine and exceptional violations are extremely detrimental to airline safety, and any violation of FAA regulations is subject to administrative action, civil penalties and even criminal prosecution.

FAA safety regulations are designed with the intention of providing safe and comfortable flights in addition to protecting passengers and airplane crews for unnecessary dangers. When you choose air travel as your means of transport, you should expect that flight regulations are being followed at all times. When regulations are not followed, you have legal options under Massachusetts law.

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