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Aviation Structural and Design Flaws

Safe aircraft design requires an appropriate balance of speed, weight, power and aerodynamics. The early development stage of designing an airplane involves computers, wind tunnels and a flight simulator. The wind tunnels judge the aerodynamics of the outer shell and are used in conjunction with the flight simulator that provides a model indicating how the aircraft will perform under different conditions. Flight simulators are designed to provide an accurate determination of how an aircraft design will hold up in conditions such as varying degrees, air density and air turbulence, and to judge handling characteristics of the aircraft. A flight simulator is also a safe place to create new flight software and test new flight control, electrical and hydraulic systems. Before a new airplane or helicopter ever gets close to flying, a flight simulator should be used extensively to test the design of the aircraft.

Metal fatigue is the biggest problem in maintaining the structural integrity of an airplane. Every time an airplane is in flight, the metal in the wings and fuselage is stressed. After many uses, the metal develops cracks. These cracks are initially small and do not threaten safety, however, over time, small metal cracks can develop into large fractures. Metal fatigue is inevitable. Nevertheless, every Massachusetts aircraft must be designed to function safely and properly before metal fatigue sets in. A defective design can cause premature metal fatigue in aircrafts.

Aircraft design companies and building companies have a duty to produce an aircraft that will keep its passengers and crew safe. Massachusetts travelers entrust their lives and the lives of their loved ones to these companies. If an airplane is defectively or poorly designed, lives can be lost. If a manufacturer fails to perform adequate testing or rushes a product to market, aircraft defects can occur. These defects place Massachusetts passengers and Massachusetts crews at an unreasonable risk of a plane crash, injuries and wrongful death.

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