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Aviation Accident Law

In the late 1950s, the United States experienced a series of tragic midair collisions and airplane crashes. In response to this heartbreaking trend, Congress passed an act creating the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 1958. The FAA was created as an independent government entity in charge of overseeing aviation safety and creating federal aviation laws. Another responsibility of the FAA was developing and maintaining a common system for navigating and controlling air traffic.

Less than ten years after its inception, the FAA merged with the Department of Transportation. Since that time, the FAA has continued to assume numerous responsibilities with respect to aviation. The primary responsibility of the FAA was and continues to be ensuring the safety of civil aviation in the United States. In order to accomplish this, the FAA is engaged in a variety of activities, including:

  • Certifying airports, terminals and pilots;
  • Issuing and enforcing all safety standards, including the regulations for the manufacture,
  • maintenance and operation of an aircraft;
  • Maintaining the registration of all civil aviation aircrafts;
  • Managing air traffic by developing traffic regulations, assigning the use of airspace and operating air traffic control centers across the United States;
  • Overseeing air navigation facilities;
  • Promoting aviation safety abroad;
  • Publishing current and changing information related to all aspects of aviation; and
  • Researching and developing technologies, structures and protocol for maintaining aviation safety and efficiency.

Perhaps most critically, the FAA is charged with creating, revising and enforcing the federal laws that govern civil aviation across the United States. In fact, the FAA is the primary source of all aviation law, including Massachusetts aviation law, and the chief regulatory agency for aviation safety standards.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic aviation accident, officials with the FAA will investigate the accident to determine its cause. The FAA often implements new aviation safety rules and regulations in response to aviation dangers that have been identified through the examination of an airplane accident. For example, if unforeseen weather conditions are found to be responsible for an aviation accident, the FAA may consider developing an extensive training program for pilots to teach them how to respond to adverse weather conditions.

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